Specialty Irons

Specialty Irons
 Highland Alloy Cast Specifications Other Specifications
Heat Resistant Grey Iron
HRI 1 A319 Class I(A-D) F10001
HRI 2 A319 Class II(A-D) F10002
HRI 3 A319 Class III(A-D) F10003
Austenitic Grey Iron
Type 1 A436 Type 1 F41000 Ni-Resist #1
Type 2 A436 Type 2 F41002 Ni-Resist #2
Austenitic Ductile Iron
Type D2-B A439 Type D2-B F43001 Ductile Ni-Resist D2B
Type D5-B A439 Type D5-B Ductile Ni-Resist D5B

We are pleased to produce custom alloys to meet special requirements.

Highland does not produce plate, sheet, tube or pipe products.

Highland produces castings in these materials up to 8,000 pounds using sand molds.

Please see our case studies page for examples of castings.