Nickel Based Alloys

Nickel Based Alloy Castings
Highland Alloy Cast Specifications Wrought Specifications
Nickel CZ100 A494 CZ-100 N02100
Monel M35-1 A494 M-35-1 N24135 Alloy 400
Monel M30-C A494 M-30-C N24130 Alloy 411
N-12MV A494 N-12MV N30012 Hastelloy B N10001
N-7M A494 N-7M N30007 Hastelloy B2 N10665
CY-40 A494 CY-40 N06040 Inconel 600 N06600
CW-12MW A494 CW-12MW N30002 Hastelloy C/C276 N10002
CW-6M A494 CW-6M N30107 Hastelloy C Mod
CW-2M A494 CW-2M N26455 Hastelloy C4 N06455
CW-6MC A494 CW-6MC N26625 Inconel 625 N06625
CX2MW A494 CX2MW N26022 Hastelloy C22 N06022
CU5MCuC A494 CU5MCuC N08826 Inconel 825 N08825

We are pleased to produce custom alloys to meet special requirements.

Highland does not produce plate, sheet, tube or pipe products.

Highland produces castings in these materials up to 8,000 pounds using sand molds.

Please see our case studies page for examples of castings.