Martensitic Stainless Steel Alloys

Martensitic Stainless Steel Alloy Castings
Highland Alloy Cast Specifications Wrought Specifications
CA3NM A487 CA6NM Cl B J91540 S4150
CA6NM A487 CA6NM Cl A J91540 S4150
CA6NM A352/A356/A743 CA6NM J91540 S4150
CA15 A217/A487/A743 CA15 J91150 410 S4100
CA40 A743 CA40 J91153 420 S4200
248SV Avesta 248SV

We are pleased to produce custom alloys to meet special requirements.

Highland does not produce plate, sheet, tube or pipe products.

Highland produces castings in these materials up to 8,000 pounds using sand molds.

Please see our case studies page for examples of castings.