Heat Resistant Stainless Steel

Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Castings
Highland Alloy Cast Specifications Wrought Specifications
253MA ™
353MA ™
are trademarks of Avesta Polarit AB.
HC A297 HC J92605 446 S44600
HD A297 HD J93005
HE A297 HE J93403
HF A297 HF J92603 308 S30800
HH A297 HH J93503 309 S30900
HK A297 HK J94224 310 S31000
HN A297 HN J94213
HP A297 HP N08705
HT A297 HT N08605
HU A297 HU N08004
HX A297 HX N06006
Thermax 70
253MA TM S30815
353MA TM S35315

We are pleased to produce custom alloys to meet special requirements.

Highland does not produce plate, sheet, tube or pipe products.

Highland produces castings in these materials up to 8,000 pounds using sand molds.

Please see our case studies page for examples of castings.