Carbon Steel Alloys

Carbon Steel Alloy Castings
Highland Alloy Cast Specifications Wrought Specifications
1008 1008 G10080
1020 A27/A148 (Suitable grades) J02500/01 1020 G10200
1025 A27/A148 (Suitable grades) J02500/01 1025 G10250
1030 A27/A148 (Suitable grades) J03000/01 1030 G10300
1040 J04000 1040 G10400
1045 J04500 1045 G10450
LCA A352 Gr LCA J02504 1025 G10230
LCB A352 Gr LCB J03003 1030 G10300
LCC A352 Gr LCC J02505 1025 G10250
WCA A216 Gr WCA J02502 1025 G10250
WCB A216 Gr WCB J03002 1030 G10300
WCC A216 Gr WCC J02503 1025 G10250

We are pleased to produce custom alloys to meet special requirements.

Highland does not produce plate, sheet, tube or pipe products.

Highland produces castings in these materials up to 8,000 pounds using sand molds.

Please see our case studies page for examples of castings.