Power Projects

Highland Foundry Ltd was contracted by a World class Pump manufacturer, to produce 4 sets of High Pressure Safety Injection Pump castings, for a Power Plant in Europe.

The statistics:spec_cast_power

  • Pump: 11 Stage Pump with 1500lb rated Flanges.
  • Material: ASME SA 351, ASTM A 351 Grade CF3M, (316L).
  • Bottom Half Case net weight 3440 lbs, (1536 Kg).
  • Top Half Case net weight 2755 lbs, (1230 Kg).

New pattern equipment was supplied.

A full First Article set of castings was produced for technical review by the customer, before approval to proceed with production. This included a full dimensional check, hydraulic passage ways confirmation and complete Radiographic testing.

First Article and production castings all included third party witnessing of pouring, chemical analysis and mechanical testing.

Additionally the material had to have a very low Cobalt restriction. This meant careful consideration of the melt, and close metallurgical control.

Highland’s metallurgical expertise in the production of cast stainless steels made this project a success. Highland Foundry is proud of our participation to provide clean, safe power for the future.