Light Rapid Transit

skytrainMaterial: ASTM A148 Grade WCC
Each bogey consisted of; 4 suspension arms, 4 housings, 4 adjustable stops, 1 male coupling, 1 female coupling
Casting weight per bogie: 745 pounds
Radiography to ASTM-E446
Magnetic Particle to ASTM-E703
100% dimensional inspection of casting and machined surfaces. Primed and epoxy painted.

The acceptance criteria of the above inspections were exceptionally high.

The challenge of this project started with the immediate requirement to build 10 car sets. Fast tracking included a complete set of approvals from the builder’s departments of Engineering, Material specialists and Quality Assurance. The Highland team met the challenge in a quick series of contract meetings, audits and approvals.

skytrain_castiongThe “Millennium Line” is just the recent extension of Vancouver’s transit system. The new cars are technologically advanced while providing the public with the benefits of increased comfort and efficiency. Highland Foundry Ltd is proud of our contribution to the success of this project.