Adriatic LNG Terminal Project

Adriatic-DMWHighland Foundry was selected by a leading pump manufacturer in Japan to supply large critical component castings for the new Adriatic LNG Terminal project, the first ever offshore GBS (Gravity Based Structure) for unloading, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Completed in mid 2009, the terminal is located 17km off of Italy’s North Adriatic coastline. Carriers pump LNG imported from Qatar through piping into tanks inside the terminal where regasification of the LNG is then fed through a gas distribution network enabling up to 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas to be delivered to the Italian mainland.

AkerSolutions provided design, engineering and construction management for the owners Exxon lng_assemblyMobil/ Qatar Petroleum and Edison, an Italian company.

Highland, as an approved supplier of Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel Castings to Exxon Mobil, provided the critical Vaporizer and Service Pump Castings. Patterns were constructed from supplied 3D engineered drawings and casting simulations were performed using SolidCast. Castings were dimensionally inspected, proof machined, tested and third party approved at Highland Foundry prior to shipping overseas.


The Casting Details

The material was Super Duplex, ASTM A890 Grade 6A.
Main components of the Vaporizer pumps consisted of:

  • Four- 2600lb Bowls
  • Four-1200lb Suction Bells
  • Four- 1150lb Impellers
Tests provided
  • Chemical, Tensile, Charpy and Hardness Certification
  • Ferrite Determination- To ASTM E562 and Fischer Ferrite Scope
  • Corrosion Testing- To ASTM G48 Method A
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination- Per ASTM E165, Acceptance per ASME VIII
  • Metallographic Examination- Free of intermetallic phases and precipitates
  • Dimensional Inspection and Proof Machining

The same testing was performed on the Service pumps.