24 Inch Overhead Isolation Valve

isolation_valveThe manufacture of the 24″ valve body castings included pattern construction, first article castings in ASTM A217 with nondestructive testing, machining & hydrostatic pressure testing, complete with third party surveillance. The quality assurance group from the refinery required procedure approvals for chemistry, hardness (NACE MRO175), heat treatment, upgrade & inspections.

The pre-production meetings were pivotal in determining the project’s success. Highland’s Technical Director and our customer’s design engineer collaborated on all the details to optimize the cast shape. This involved revisions to the drawing prior to pattern construction.


The Casting Detailspascagoula

  • Material ASTM A217 Grade C5
  • Over all sizes: 11.75″ High, 39″ wide and 90” long
  • Cast weight: 3620 pounds
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection to ASME Section 8, Div 1 appendix 7
  • Radiographic Inspection to ASME Section 8, Div 1 appendix 7
  • Machined and Hydro tested.
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (after hydro test)

Our customer’s design features innovative technology with the benefit of improved safety and reliability. The assembly has utilized the cost advantages of castings and there are patents pending on the assembly.

Three units are installed in the Pascagoula Refinery, Mississippi, USA.